Childbirth pain, pain the human limits?

Rumor: Did you know? The human body can only withstand 45 (units) of pain. However, in childbirth, the pain was a woman up to 57 (units). This pain is equivalent to 20 fractures of both bones! The boys, now you not only love my mother! Have to love his wife after

Truth: This is the heat transfer in the network has a pain in childbirth on women’s micro-blog content. This content is true? Labor pain really so unbearable it?

Textual: there is no conclusive medical evidence

First, if the web search this microblogging content, the emergence of time after September 20, and had no description of a similar network. However, if the content into English and then search, you will find interesting things. Two years ago, there have been similar to the yahoo Q & A on the description, carefully read will find this the Chinese “labor pain up to 57 units” is that the body of the English translation of questions and answers.

This article on the “pain birth mother is 57, the body can bear the pain was 45,” saying that in the end is come from it? Unfortunately, the search network, the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s PubMed, have not found the literature in this area. In other words, the body can bear the pain and the limits of the value of labor pain is likely to be repeated the baseless assertion on a network, there is no conclusive medical evidence or research to do support.

Pain and units of measure

So, the pain is there unit? The answer is yes. Microblogging in the “unit” actually refers to dol, which is the Latin word dolor pain abbreviation. In the late 1940s, three researchers at Cornell University’s James D. Hardy, Herbert G. Wolff and Helen Goodell of others based on previous research, the establishment of this pain metrics. Initially, they called it “Hardy-Wolff-Goodell” rating, is divided into a total of ten, they created a unit, that is, to describe this dol 10 levels. So, 1 dol pain in the end what is it? They feel is defined as the minimum difference (just noticeable difference), which is the smallest difference in the amount of this ability to feel. If a closer look at 1 dol Rao pain in the end is how much pain it would need a measurement tool, that is, pain measurement instrument (Dolorimeter). In the beginning, researchers at Cornell University with a prism the light is focused on the human skin, with body temperature, the body can bear to see the pain definition, these light but from a 1000-watt light bulb .

Unfortunately, dol describe the pain of this unit, have not been widely used as a short-lived as it exists in the academic years. As the three test results can not be repeated, their pain measurement methods and tools are negative academic, but also prohibited the application. Consider also, the pain seems a very complex subjective experience, the use of pain measurement instrument into dol level, it is not easy to master, not a point on the clinical utility. Therefore, dol also ranked the five most bizarre scientific unit of measure.

Pain is noxious stimulation in the body caused by an unpleasant subjective experience, with feeling, perception and emotional response. People’s experience of pain and feelings are personal, sensitive to pain is not the same, so the current gold standard for measuring pain, the patient still experienced pain expression. However, only you know how to accurately measure the pain level? Currently the most commonly used clinical measure is the visual analogue scale (VAS method), this method is still relying on people’s subjective experience of pain is not absolute and objective measurement methods.

For the VAS method is described this way:

VAS method the main props “pain scale” is actually a swimming about 10 cm ruler. Foot side marked 10 scale, both ends of the end points were 0 and 10 minutes end. And 0 means no pain, 10 points on behalf of the table the most severe unbearable pain, from 0 to 10 degree turn that pain is increasing, more and more unbearable. In the measurement of pain, the patient shows that the meaning of the foot, then there will be back on the patient side of the scale, marked on the ruler so that the patient can represent the corresponding location of pain, the doctor marked according to the location of the patient The Top scores.

If you score 3 points or less, then congratulations, you feel pain, but too although serious, do not affect your sleep; but if you score 7 points or more, oh ~ my god! You are unlucky, you definitely pain, an urgent need for a doctor to give you with some pain medication to help you through the pain off.

VAS pain now has become the method most commonly used method of measurement. Of course, VAS method is used for surgery patients, evaluation of their post-surgical incision pain. If you have had surgery, I believe you have not unfamiliar. However, it allows those who speak out the pain and the pain that is not completely objective indicators to assess. In addition, for children, in order to allow them to tell the degree of pain, picture-like approach is more straightforward, not a smiley face means pain, a crying face represents the pain is severe.

How pain birth in the end?

So, how pregnant women hurt production in the end it? This is still a unique and individual problems. In general, pregnant women, the production process, starting with the mild discomfort of the contractions, like menstrual uterine cramps in general, in the subsequent production of the first stage until the end, the pain intensity gradually increased. On the whole, the early maternity pain levels were significantly higher than another mother. There are many pregnant women to reflect on the intensity of pain experienced by their terms, such as caused by gallstones biliary colic worse than labor pain to many. Of course, as a male to female births Zongtan pain, there is always a feeling out of thin air thrown off balance. Each person’s sensitivity to pain, tolerance, are not the same terms described here can only come about from a medical to describe.

When childbirth pain is always to slow, and gradually increased, until the pain to the vertex, and finally a slow fade. Some people have described it like a poetic waves coming toward the shore, the most gentle Bujibuxu start, waves gradually increased, more and more, until the sky known as the shock waves of the coast, then slowly fade … … now the tide With many hospitals around the country carried out gradually analgesia projects, labor pain that make women “afraid” deep sorrow of the experience, and gradually be alleviated.

If this microblogging contests, you will find embarrassing funny point, if 45 units of the human body can only withstand the pain, but pain in childbirth a woman of 57 units, it means a woman is not a human thing. This micro-blog is to expect the majority of students love the other half around, either his mother or wife. However, I always feel that everything is a little more “from a scientific perspective,” the spirit is better.

Conclusion: The rumor smash. People’s experiences and feelings of pain varies, the degree of sensitivity to pain is not the same, so the measurement of pain relies on people’s subjective experience of pain is not absolute and objective measurement methods. “The human body can withstand up to 45 (units) of the pain, but pain in childbirth is as high as 57 (units),” saying there is no medical evidence, the network repeated the baseless assertion.

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